Thanks for your interest in my bio. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Candy Kegel. I am first and foremost a single mother of two wonderful teenage boys, a nurse that loves her career, and an entrepreneur specializing in Improving your way of life by introducing you to vegan, non-toxic and anti-aging skin, hair and wellness products. Will soon be expanding my boutique to include one of a kind jewelry, fashion, spiritual items and accessories in the near future via Candy's Boutique (Online store)

I found my true calling when I realized that I really enjoy helping others and making a difference in people's lives. Being a mother and having my career has given me that satisfaction on a daily basis but I always felt I could and should do more. It's just part of my nature. Then I found this wonderful company, called MONAT that is giving me the ability to reach and transform so many other people but especially women. And having been a victim of Domestic Violence I finally found my voice, strength and motivation and set out to uplift other women.

One of the ways I challenged myself to help is by organizing this event, uniting recognizing and supporting other women in business. And this time we're raising raise money for a cause such as battered women.